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March ’11 Book List

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Spring break is here, and you need some reading recos.  This March, we split our time with 2 parts chick lit and 1 part heady.

Orange is the New Black
Piper Kerman

This is the story of a woman’s year in Danbury, a minimum security federal prison, after her college girl crimes caught up to her a year later.  This was a reco from Reader Betsy, and truth be told, the only reason I started reading it was because it was on my bedside table, and I left my other book in the car.  However, it’s absolutely fascinating.  Such an honest look at a subculture that we think we have a perception of but we really don’t.  Plus, Piper is relatable and insightful.  Final Verdict:  “Slam”mer Dunk.



There’s Cake In My Future
Kim Gruenfelder

By the author who wrote my two all time fav beach reads, Misery Loves Cabernet and Total Waste of Makeup, we were excited to give this one a try.  Set in LA (always fun), it has the same witty fast paced tone as her other two, but the plot is just too unbelieveable.  A bunch of bridesmaids pull charms from a cake and their future changes forever?  Please.  Final Verdict:  Pass…and not the fork.


The Perfect Manhattan
Tracey Toomey and Leanne Sheer

Story of a cash challenged Columbia grad who gets swept away by bartending at the hottest club in the Hamptons.  Parts of it were really entertaining, but let’s just say, the authors do nooooooot have much respect for the patrons of the Hamptons, and sometimes they went on some soapbox rants that were not very beachread friendly!  Who wants to talk about Bosnia at a birthday party?  Final Verdict:  On the Rocks.