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March 2009



Has Reality TV Gotten too Real?

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After DeAnna visited and maybe (or maybe not?) said she wanted to get back together, we thought we were faced with another build-it-up-don’t-deliver Bachelor finale.  But late late last night…our little hearts were shocked.

Coming from the girls who can no longer watch sitcoms, because nothing holds our attention like the paradoxes, neurosis, and contradictions of real people…we believe, yes – reality TV has indeed gotten too real.  We honestly tossed and turned last night – trying to think of any scenario that is okay to break up with someone on NATIONAL TELEVISION – and there is simply not one.  How can you be so cruel???  Our only hope is that that was written into a contract or something – it’s just so not okay.  

Melissa kept her chin up for the most part, and she pulled off muttering profanity under her breath.  For a full recap, click here.  And what about cool, confident Molly just taking him right back??  So lame.  Are you tuning in tonight for Part 2?  We know we are going to watch tonight – but we’re kind of disgusted with ourselves.  As well as looking at this picture of Jason.  We know you have your opinions ladies – let’s hear what you thought.