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October 2008



Adult Pigtails = Not Okay

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At elaney, there are not that many things that we vehemently oppose.  We’re down for taking chances – we support black nail polish and funny little knit hats.  There are many things we encourage of course (waistlines girls), but we save our absolute nos for when we mean them.  We meant it with monogrammed bumper stickers, and we mean it with adult pigtails.  Ladies, they look ridiculous.  We don’t know how to tell you, but just because you think you look cute (and we encourage you to feel great about yourself), it does not always mean that you do.  We had to learn this the hard way with hippie skirts in college, and we want to save you from cringing at the pictures on facebook.  If you have more than one tail in your hair – it’s probably time to roast that pig.  This is one BBQ that’s definitely overcooked.


  1. Isa
  2. Erin
  3. jane
  4. Ture Sventon
  5. Mishi
  6. Brett
  7. Erik
  8. jennifarrr
  9. mohi
  10. Vancouver
  11. Jamie Myers
  12. Sean
  13. Sean
  14. Karen
  15. Robyn
  16. You women are a bunch of judgmental bitches
  17. Otto
  18. Daphne03
  19. Daphne03
  20. Peter

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